It is a product especially-tailored for sportsmen, fishermen and voyagers. It aims to help you enjoy the beauty of the sea through a suite of flexible financial services.

Our Motto is: Care - Simplicity – Flexibility

Our services include:

• Jet-ski.
• Marine equipment and spare parts.
• All kinds of boats.


• Installments Up to 60 months (for Qataris)
• Installments Up to 48 month (for Expats)
• Grace period Up to 3 months.
• Flexible down payment (for Qataris)
• Fast and simple procedures.
• Easy conditions.
• Special section for ladies.

All our transactions are Shari‘ah-compliant.

Documents required:

• A three-month statement of bank account.
• A copy of Qatari ID Card.
• A new salary certificate.
• Quotations issued in the name of First Finance.

All transactions are subject to approval of the Commercial Facilities Department.

Customer Care