Terms And Conditions Of Home Finance Promotion


Financing Amount


Cash bonus


Less than QAR 2 million or tenure

less than 15 years

No bonus

QAR 2 million to QAR 3.99 million

QAR 100,000

QAR 4 million and above

QAR 200,000



  • Cash bonus to be paid to customer with a minimum financing amount of QAR 2 million for a period of 15 years. Financing of above QAR 4 million to earn QAR 200,000 cash bonus.
  • Cash reward to be credited to Barwa Bank’s Thara’a Savings Account.
  • Customer can take a free credit card against the cash bonus in Thara’a Savings Account as per Barwa Bank Credit Card terms and conditions.  
  • Minimum finance amount to become eligible for cash reward is QAR 2,000,000 for a minimum period of 15 years
  • All other terms and conditions to be followed as per the financing contract and the FFC general terms and conditions
  • FFC’s decision with regards to the cash reward will be considered as final
  • In the event of pre-purchase before 5 years, the cash reward to be paid back by the customer