Islamic Contracts

- It is related to the cases, where the customer requests the company to buy a certain commodity, with the undertaking to buy back same from the company, after which the company buys from a third party with a cost determined without the interference of the customer; accordingly, the commodity is sold with a profit not known to the customer; the customer has the right to accept or reject the commodity after the company's acquisition, and if the customer accepts the commodity, it will be sold to him, upon which he will settle its cost to the company by installments as agreed upon. 

- This method is exemplified in the cases where the company allows the customer to acquire some of commodities, instruments and equipment from within Qatar or from abroad. This is Done through an application from the customer requesting the company to import on his behalf a certain commodity, indicating its specifications, quantity and cost, and the company will accordingly import same in its name from abroad with the intent of selling it to the customer after its arrival with the cost price plus a specific profit known to the customer through agreement.

- The company buys the property or shares of that property and leases it to a third party; the property may relate to a real estate or equipment or various instruments, and the deal is conducted after making a feasibility study and ascertaining its profitability and its conformity with the provisions of Islamic Shari’ah. 

- The contract conception for this type of dealings is based on lease (Ijara), and henceforth sale of the utility to the interested parties. The company has launched in this respect products that are assigned to contribute to the development of the community, such as educational services, training, financing services for holding events and ceremonies.