Quality Policy

Quality Policy in First Finance Company

At First Finance Company, we are committed to "fulfill the financial needs of our individual and corporate customers through a full range of Shariah-compliant financial services."

In order to achieve this mission, we have implemented a quality management system that is in line with existing legal and regulatory standards and other and complies with the ISO 9001: 2015 requirements. This way we guarantee that:

  1. We fulfill our commitments to internal and external customers in an efficient and effective manner, and in a style, that meets their expectations.
  2. We enhance customer satisfaction through the provision of high quality services, in a timely manner characterized by accuracy and reliability.
  3. We establish SMART objectives “Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, & Timely”.
  4. We provide the resources necessary to ensure proper functioning and quality of services.
  5. We are keen to qualify and train competent staff capable of carrying out their duties and responsibilities in order to achieve the company's mission.
  6. We ensure that all interested parties are familiar with and understand our policies and their applications within the organization.
  7. We are committed to continuous improvement of quality management system and involve our employees, customers, providers, and all parties in activities to help achieve this.

We believe that meeting these high standards is the responsibility of all First Finance Company members, and that we have a common commitment towards the effectiveness of the quality management system.

In addition, the senior management, in cooperation with all the employees of the First Finance Company, reviews the policies, procedures and regulations applied periodically to develop and improve them in order to achieve its objectives.