Shari'ah Advisory Board

Shari’ah and Fatwa Advisory Board at First Finance Co., which consists of an elite cadre of specialists in Islamic Fiqh, supervises all the business activities of the Company. This Board examines and scrutinizes all contracts and transactions to make sure that they are Shari’ah compliant. It also studies and considers carefully all issues and inquiries received from different departments of the Company, and then, takes binding decisions accordingly.

In the same vein, Shari’ah and Fatwa Advisory Board participates in developing Shari’a compliant products and disseminating the Islamic financing culture among the staffers of the Company in order to help them achieve the prosperity of the Islamic Financial Industry. Furthermore, a well-qualified team of Shari’a auditors directly supervises all business activities of the Company, and then, submits periodic technical reports concerning the Company’s commitment to the Board’s decisions.


  • Shaikh Dr. Waleed Mohammed Hadi - Chairman.
  • Shaikh Dr. Esam Khalaf Al-Enezi - Member.
  • Shaikh Dr. Osama Qais Al-Dereai - Executive Member.


You can download Shari'ah reports in Arabic by clicking on the links below: