First Finance And Al-Fahd Companies Group Sign Finance Agreement With Easy Terms 72–month Finance Period & 3–month Grace Period

First Finance signed an agreement of cooperation and understanding with al-Fahd Companies Group, under which the First Finance will provide to its customers a set of affordable Islamic financial services so as to purchase products and services offered by al-Fahd Companies Group on the basis of easy conditions and procedures and an appropriate grace period. 

The agreement was signed by HE Sheikh Fahd Bin Muhammad al-Thani, vice-chairman of the Board and Managing Director on behalf of al-Fahd Companies Group, and Mr. Yusuf al-Subai'e – Senior executive director of commercial facilities department on behalf of Dr. Khalid al-Sulati, CEO of First Finance , in the presence of Dr. Muhsen Rislaan - director of al-Fahd Companies Group, and officials of F.F.C Mr. Hamad al-Muhannadi, Administrative Affairs Manager, Mr. 'Abdul-Hamid Abu-Ghazalah, Director of Marketing and Development, Mr. Muhammad Bilal - Assistant Director of Commercial Facilities Department, Mr. Tahseen al- Shaikhali, Trade Relations Official and Mr. Rabi' 'Itani – Public Relations and Information Official. 

On this occasion, Mr. Yusuf al-Subai'e confirmed that: "First Finance is keen on cooperation and partnership with various suppliers in order to satisfy the needs of our esteemed customers on the basis of some flexible facilities, i.e. 72 –Month Finance Period & 3 –Month Grace Period or more. It pleases us to sign this agreement since we hope that it will serve a large section of our customers and to be beneficial to the two parties. Each offer has its own special conditions."

He furthermore said:" First Finance Company will comply with its method, policies and strategy in relation with its suppliers and vendors, who, in fact, are its genuine partners in success. Its optimal choice is to make agreements with senior suppliers in different commercial sectors, in addition to commitment to easy procedures, fast execution, flexible payments and zero hidden or additional charges.

HE Sheikh Fahd Bin Muhammad al-Thani, vice-chairman of the Board and Managing Director of al-Fahd Companies Group, expressed his happiness saying: “The signing of this cooperation with First Finance will offer the best services to customers, since al-Fahd Companies may produce a large set of quality services and products that include contracting, trade, automobiles, provisions, foodstuffs, textiles, stationery and equipments of safety and security.” 

He added: “al-Fahd Companies Group is from among the leading companies in Qatar that offer the best services to customers as: being an authorized agency to Mercedes Benz cars, in addition to a set of varied activities in different fields.” 

On his part, Dr. Muhsen Rislaan - Director of al-Fahd Companies Group, praised cooperation with F.F.C., pointing out that al-Fahd Companies Group, which was established in 1982, has been an active group in the fields of cars, food, machinery, sports via its specialized subsidiaries such as ‘Qatar International Automobiles’, the sole distributor of Man Trucks and wholesaler of fire fighting equipments of Rozon Power and Perrier water, in addition to supporting sports in Qatar. 

According to Mr. Muhsen,: “ Concluding the agreement with F.F.C. supports all bargains of al-Fahd Companies Group with its customers , motivates mutual activities, sustains the growth of Qatar national economy and serves customers effectively and satisfactorily.”