First Finance Company announces the names of the winners of the promotional campaign For National Day 2019

Doha, Qatar, February 23, 2020: First Finance announced the winners of the promotional campaign that was launched in conjunction with the celebrations of Qatar National Day 2019, for which awards were allocated for 18 iPhone 11 Pro devices.

The campaign, which lasted from December 17, 2019 to January 31, 2020, witnessed great customer interaction. The winners were chosen through a random drawing process in the presence of representatives of the First Finance Company and the Ministry of Economy and Trade.

During a special celebration held on this occasion, the names of the winners were announced: Hala Ibrahim Al-Khoury, Haifa Attia Allah Nasser Al-Hayy Al-Nuaimi, Mahmoud Mohamed Abdo Al-Sayed Atwa, Emily Klimako Ario, Lamia Jassem Abdullah Muhammad Al-Jassem, Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Bataineh, Ammar Yasser Amer Muhammad Khalaf, Bashir Ameeran, Gash Ayed Al-Fuhaidah, Walid bin Abbas Awori, Fatima Muhammad Al-Husseini, Hamad Ali Muhammad Al-Hamr Al-Azbah, Ihsan Bin Abdul-Raouf Al-Turki, Wesal bint Abu Zaid Al-Yaqoubi, Felix JR Cannonjo Bakyut, Hani Ali Salem Al-Awadi, Ayman Amin Hassan, Muhammad Rashid Safar Abdullah al-Khunji, and Ahmad Ahmad Shafiq Malik Ashfaq Ahmad measured.

First Finance is the first financing company in Qatar subject to the supervision of the Qatar Central Bank since 1999, and it has a great legacy in providing a wide range of financial solutions through which it serves a wide customer base. The company, which is proud to be a member of Barwa Bank Group, focuses on meeting the financial needs of its individual and corporate clients through a comprehensive package of financial services that comply with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.